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Google Voice is also a virtual phone service available to anyone who has a Google account. It gives users a US local number that can be forwarded to another number.

But it is time to look for Google Voice alternative since there is a lot of speculation in tech sphere that Google Voice will be shut down.

The difference between Google Voice and QuickPBX

Basically you cannot use Google Voice for business effectively since it was designed for consumers. Google Voice alternative QuickPBX is designed for small businesses and startups providing virtual PBX features.

Features:. QuickPBX has many more features than Google Voice such as custom greetings, auto attendant, unlimited extensions, multiple numbers and more.

Keep your existing number:. With Google Voice the number assigned is not yours. If you wish to change numbers, there is a fee. On the other hand you can port your Google Voice number to QuickPBX for FREE.

Toll Free and International Numbers: QuickPBX offers virtual phone numbers from 40+ countries. QuickPBX also offers toll free numbers, allowing customers to call your business free of charge. Google Voice provides virtual numbers only from United States.

Forward Calls: With QuickPBX you also have the option to forward calls directly to your existing VoIP/SIP account or any phone number of your choice in the world.

Customer Support: Google is a big company with big business priorities. Non-revenue generating experiments like Google Voice are not one of those priorities and Google Voice offers support only via their forums. With QuickPBX, it is all we do, and we offer free customer support 7 days a week.

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How much does it cost?

Google Voice offers free local numbers to any U.S resident but no features such as customer greetings, auto attendant, unlimited extensions is included. There is also a fee to change your Google Voice number. You can port cell numbers to Google Voice for $20.

QuickPBX Startup plan costs $9.95/month with 200 minutes and all PBX features included. With QuickPBX overage minutes are charged only at 2.9 cents/minute. Porting Google Voice numbers to QuickPBX is free.

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