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Grasshopper vs QuickPBX


Grasshopper sells local and toll free numbers for the United States and Canada. The virtual phone system offers features such as auto-attendants, custom main greetings, voicemail transcription, voicemail, call forwarding, outbound fax, on-hold music, and unlimited extensions..

The difference between Grasshopper and QuickPBX

Grasshopper is way more expensive than QuickPBX and there are also a few features that set them apart.

Keep your existing number:. You can port your existing number for FREE with QuickPBX. Grasshopper Ramp and Pay As You Grow plans require a $30 one-time fee per transfer of your phone number.

Virtual International Numbers: QuickPBX offers virtual phone numbers from 40+ countries.Grasshopper sells virtual numbers only from United States and Canada.

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How much does it cost?

Grasshopper Pay as you Go plan start from $12/month and 6 cents/minute charged for each incoming call.Their most popular Grow plan costs $49/month for 2,000 minutes. Overages are charged at 6 cents/minute as well.

QuickPBX Startup plan costs $9.95/month with 200 minutes included. QuickPBX PRO plan with 2,000 minutes included costs only $39.95/month. With QuickPBX overage minutes are charged only at 2.9 cents/minute.

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Other Grasshopper Reviews

VirtualPhoneSystemReviews - Calculate the minutes you think you will use, because Grasshopper now charges a rate of 6 cents per minute on all plans, for any minutes over your plan minutes. This is by far the highest per minute rate amongst our top six merchants.



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