Can I transfer my existing number to QuickPBX?

Porting your US (PSTN, Wireless, Toll Free) or International number to our service is an effortless and easy task with QuickPBX provided that your number is portable. Please check your number's portability with our support team.

Can I transfer my International numbers to QuickPBX?

QuickPBX offers local number portability (LNP) in multiple countries. Please contact QuickPBX Customer Care to check the portability of your number and get information about the porting procedure.

Is there a fee to transfer my existing numbers to QuickPBX?

Porting US Toll free numbers and US local numbers are free of charge. Please contact QuickPBX Customer Care for information about international number porting fees.

How do I transfer my toll free number to QuickPBX?

If you already have a toll free number for your business, you can still use it with your new QuickPBX account. All you have to do is submitting a New Ticket under Help Desk, requesting the transfer of your toll free number. We will send you a form and after we receive a digital copy of the filled and signed form to we'll start processing your transfer. The whole transfer process can take up to three weeks.

How do I transfer a local number to QuickPBX?

Porting your US local (PSTN, Wireless) number to our service is an effortless and easy task with QuickPBX and it takes only (10) business days to complete.

This feature is FREE of charge for US Phone numbers.

The only thing you have to do is open a Help Ticket to port your number:

1. Login to My Account.

2. Click on "Help Desk " and then "New Ticket " link.

3. Enter a message requesting phone number transfer with the phone number information as well as:

- the registered name and address for this phone number (P.O. Boxes not accepted)

- the current provider name

- the last 4 digits of your SSN (if a wireless number)

- the Account number and PIN (if a wireless number)

4. Click on "Create" button.

Your ticket will be responded by a QuickPBX customer care representative in 24 hours. It takes about (10) business days to complete the porting process once we reply you via ticket informing you that the porting process has begun. QuickPBX will keep you informed of the transfer process via email along the way.

Note : Do not cancel your phone service with your current provider until the porting process is completed.

Porting Phone Numbers FAQs

What is my Customer Service Record?

Your Customer Service Record (CSR) is the information your current provider will have for the number to be transferred. It will include the following important account info:

1. Authorizing name

2. Business name (for business accounts)

3. Account type (business or residential)

4. Service address

5. Billing phone number

6. Current service provider name

7. Current service provider account number

What is my billing telephone number?

This is the primary contact number you have listed on your current provider's account. Usually this is the same number you are transferring. If you have multiple numbers with your current service provider, only one number can be the billing telephone number, and it should be noted on your bill.

What is my current provider account number?

This is the account number that you have with your existing provider. It is not your QuickPBX account number. If you're transferring your Comcast business number, we'll need to know your Comcast account number that appears on your bill each month.

What is my account type?

When you transfer your account you'll need to choose what kind of number your line is: Business or Residential. If your account type is business, make sure you specify a business name. If you're not sure you should contact your current provider to verify your account type.

How can I check the status of my transfer request to a different provider?

QuickPBX won't be able to check on this for you, but your new provider should be able to provide you with all the info you need to complete the transfer once it's in process.

When can I cancel my QuickPBX account once I've transferred my number out?

QuickPBX will not cancel your account until you inform us that your number has been ported away. Your new carrier can port your number without notifying us and in this case our system will continue charging monthly fees for your number until you contact us and request the cancellation of your account.

Can I transfer my QuickPBX number somewhere else?

You can port your QuickPBX US Local or Toll Free number to any other service you wish. In such a case please contact our support team to make sure that you provide the correct Customer Service Record (CSR) to your new carrier and please open a ticket to our Help Desk after the porting process is completed, requesting the cancellation of your number.

Will I experience any down time during my transfer?

An average down time of 30 minutes can be expected during your transfer.

Can I cancel my local number transfer?

Once you start the porting process you cannot cancel the process but when the porting is completed you can port the number to another provider.

When is it safe to cancel my account with my current provider?

Please make sure you don't cancel your account with your current provider until we send you the information that the transfer is complete.

Can I specify a date/time to transfer my local numbers?

Unfortunately, date and time of the transfer cannot be specified, the process is automated but we will inform you the exact date and time at least 24 hours in advance.

How can I obtain my Customer Service Record (CSR)?

If you're transferring a local number, you'll need to get your Customer Service Record (CSR) from your current provider. Contact your current provider and ask for their Port Out or Transfer Out Department, then ask for the CSR attached to the number you're transferring.

Can I expedite my local number transfer?

Unfortunately the porting process cannot be expedited.